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Hello Monday – October 5, 2020

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Topics Covered This Month:

Indoor Mall Events

Teatro di Freak

Wolfe Retellings

Kiosks & Flyers

Welcome to Hello Monday, the monthly, company-wide show for the volunteer-run 501(c)3 nonprofit, Blue Legacy. We were founded in 1989 to empower underrepresented storytellers, bring diverse people together, and make storytelling accessible across all mediums.

The first Monday of every month we share all the announcements, casting calls, job openings and news for our four divisions that each focus on a different medium: Blue Forge Films, Blue Forge Press, Blue Forge Gaming, and Blue Forge Records.

If you are one of the artisans who work with us – an author, musician, game designer, filmmaker or actor – keeping up with Hello Monday keeps you in the loop. And you don’t have to watch: You can just listen to the episode or you can read the transcript at the (just click Blog).

My name is Jennifer DiMarco and I’m primarily a director and author at Blue Legacy and also the CFO. I’m also your host for today’s episode.

We have four topics today:

Indoor Mall Events Let’s jump right in with some honesty: The number of new cases of COVID-19 are rising right now across the country. I have my own feelings about why this is happening. But I’m not a policy-maker, I’m just the CFO of a tiny company. But being in that position, I have a unique quandary to consider: How do I best serve my artisans and still make sure they have revenue-generating opportunities?

Part of my answer is to provide optional events and venues that you can attend ONLY IF YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE DOING SO. You are adults. You must make your own decisions. You know what your risk factors are. No DiMarco will attend an indoor event. We know our risk factors. And I also have an established fan base that I can sell to directly. But that took decades to build!

Many malls have reopened. I am back in talks with the Kitsap Mall in Silverdale and with the Westfield Center Mall to schedule indoor events for the cold months. I have a list of the artisans who are interested in these types of events. I will email those artisans directly once I hear the final details from the malls.

Email me at if you haven’t already and you want to be on the contact list for indoor events in malls. It will be required that you run your own credit cards. So you need a card reader from PayPal or from Square. Go to their website, poke around, request or order a reader, then find and download their app from your phone’s app store. Once the reader comes in, follow the instructions to get it up and running.

* * *

Teatro di Freak Call for Writers If you follow Blue Forge Films you already know that we have a very successful property called Teatro di Freak. This is an ultra low-budget web series (episodes are under ten minutes) set in a dystopian future where a vaccine went horribly wrong and caused a mutation in 10% of the population.

The series is moving into its third season (it also has dvds and a graphic novel and a card game) and to celebrate that third season, we’re publishing a Teatro di Freak omnibus collection – a massive collection of novellas, short stories and artwork.

If you are interested in writing for the omnibus, please email me at (since it’s a book tied onto a film project) but only AFTER you have watched the entire series (Seasons 1 and 2) at

When you email me, tell me what character or characters you’d like to write about. We are not looking for any stories about original characters right now – only characters that appear in the series. And some characters are already spoken for so let me know two or three characters that interest you.

* * *

Wolfe Retellings Many of you know about the novels of Chris Anne Wolfe. Chris Anne is a much beloved lesbian feminist science fiction and fantasy writer. She died more than twenty years ago and named me as her literary executor and I, in turn, named Blue Forge Press. She is one of only two authors who sell books every single month without fail. There is no active social media presence, no dedicated website, no brand building efforts. She believed in “organic sales” as much as I believe in “created sales.”

She was also a planner. Like... she makes me (the Queen of all Virgos) look like a slacker in the outline department! Chris Anne left behind dozens of outlines for novels. Many of these are in the retold fairytale genre.

If you are looking for a writing side-project and would like to “co-write” a retold fairytale by working from one of Chris Anne’s outlines, please email and we’ll send you a list of the fairytales she outlined. You can be a ghost writer and not have your name on the book at all (just collect your royalty) or you can co-write and have your name appear on the book with Chris Anne’s. We will also send you one of her books as a pdf file to read and get a sense of her style and pacing.

Like me, Chris Anne believed in empowering all different shapes, sizes, and colors of people but her focus and her passion was normalizing the lesbian feminist experience. It should go without saying but I’ll say it: These are books intended solely for a lesbian feminist audience. They do not male-bash (you guys know I wouldn’t allow that) but they are not books read by a wide variety of readers. If you don’t want to write for that audience, this is not the project for you.

The books average R ratings in that they always have two to four explicit sex scenes and often deal with big topics like self-hatred, homophobia, body dysphoria, etc.

* * *

Kiosks & Flyers Just when I thought I was going to get to break out my power tools and have fun building this month... we got twenty more requests for these counter top kiosks. These smallest of the kiosks are easy to display and easy to stock and restock. They sit on the counters at cafes, bookstores, or any other venue.

Venues make 30% of the revenue from books sold and artisans make 70%. Blue Forge Press makes and supplies the kiosks, collects funds, and even restocks. We have four themes right now:

Picture books for kids.

Novels for early-teen readers.

Science fiction for adults.

Urban fantasy/romance for adults.

Venues pick the theme that they feel will sell best to their customers and then they can buy the books outright for 70% off the retail price or they can sell the books on commission and pay nothing up front.

I have been personally walking these kiosks into venues through Kitsap county. If you want a flyer describing the kiosks (with pictures), please find a pdf in the video description that you can print and show to a venue in your area. My number and email are on the flyer for them to contact me.

* * *

That’s all the news for this month. If you have questions or would like us to cover something next month, please post a comment below.

And, as always, remember: Monday doesn’t have to be a day you dread. Monday, today, any day, can be the first day in the best creative month of your life.

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