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Hello Monday - June 29, 2020

For the past hundred and sixteen weeks, Blue Legacy staff have posted a video update for all our artisans so they would know what goes into making every book, film, album and game we release and also to offer event information and other breaking news from the company.

Since June 2019, we also posted a transcript of every episode in the company’s blog.

And before all of that, we posted updates every single day – for a year.

All of these past episodes and blogs can be found on the About page and Blog page at

They can all also be found from the About page of every division website:

We took the time to create these updates because when any of our artisans have a question, we want them to get their answer from us directly. Not from another artisan. And not from rumors or gossip.

We also created Hello Monday because we believe artisans deserve to be in the loop. Publishers, studios, and record labels should keep their people informed. Artisans are not objects. They deserve to be part of the process.

We have more than 800 artisans working with our four divisions. Episodes regularly had only twenty watchers and blog posts were read by less than ten.

Yet artisans texting, messaging us on Facebook, or asking other people (not Jennifer, Brianne, Maxwell or Faith) for information was, quite simply, out of control. The questions being asked: How and when are royalties paid? Why is this film delayed? How can I make more money as an artisan? All these questions and many, many more had been answered more than once in Hello Monday.

How incredibly disheartening.

Last weekend, we randomly selected sixty artisans and asked them how they preferred to receive their information. We also answered all the comments posted by artisans on the previous episode of Hello Monday.

In light of all of these facts and responses, we have decided to make a major change:

On the first Monday of every month – and ONLY on the first Monday of every month – we will post a video episode of Hello Monday that can be watched or listened to.

We will also post a transcript of the episode in the blog.

On the first Monday of every month, we will also email every artisan and send them links to the video and to the blog so they can choose what format they desire… or they can choose to stay uninformed.

This is all we’ll cover today. We hope that this information will reach more than a handful of artisans and that more of you will join us in actively participating in the free events we host for artisans to sell their books, films, games and albums to the public. We also hope that more of you will make an effort to catch up and stay in the loop. You can use the links on your screen right now to watch or listen to back episodes or read back blog posts.

We also highly encourage all artisans to read the transcript from the public town hall meeting everyone was invited to. This transcript details how to start building your brand as an artisan to be making a living wage. It costs nothing but dedication and time.

Our first Hello Monday using the new format will post on Monday, July 6, at 4pm Pacific Time. You can watch, listen or read the episode at any time. We’ll be announcing our next public event for artisans to sell their Blue Legacy products and we’ll have updates and news for every division.

May this be a new chapter for every Blue Legacy division and for all our artisans. Thank you for listening... or reading... or watching.

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