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Hello Monday – June 1, 2020

Welcome to Hello Monday, the weekly, company-wide show for the volunteer-run 501(c)3 nonprofit, Blue Legacy. We were founded in 1989 to empower underrepresented storytellers, bring diverse people together, and make storytelling accessible across all mediums.

Every Monday we share all the announcements, casting calls, job openings and news for our four divisions that each focus on a different medium: Blue Forge Films, Blue Forge Press, Blue Forge Gaming, and Blue Forge Records.

If you are one of the artisans who work with us – an author, musician, game designer, filmmaker or actor – keeping up with Hello Monday keeps you in the loop. And you don’t have to watch: You can just listen to the episode or you can read the transcript at

My name is Maxwell DiMarco and I’m an editor and author at Blue Forge. I’m also your host for today’s episode. My thanks to Faith DiMarco, the dedicated editor of Hello Monday as well as an actor and producer at Blue Forge.

* * *

Expectations for June 2020. May 2020 saw most of us in stay-at-home quarantine or away from home more than ever as essential workers... or somewhere in-between.

As all of you know, the Blue Forge campus closed to the public in early April but the four DiMarcos have continued to work.

Blue Forge Press has seen nine new novels move through the pipeline and one new children’s book. Half a dozen Press authors have made videos for the digital Feast of Words as well as made videos for the Live Stories series.

Blue Forge Records saw four new albums released and the launch of the most robust website of any division. [] Their website allows visitors to listen to samples of every album and then purchase the album on cd or instantly as a digital download.

Blue Forge Films must have been jealous of Blue Forge Records because during quarantine the Blue Forge Films website [] has also grown. You can now stream or instantly buy more than a dozen short films, features and film anthologies at their website as well as watch a live premiere with online after-party, and join an acting troupe!

But what should we expect in the month of June?

Blue Forge Press will see half a dozen more books released in June. And we hope more authors will participate in Feast of Words and Live Stories. We’ll also see the launch of the real Blue Forge Press website – all they have right now is a basic shell! This means visitors will be able to go right to and find (and purchase) print, ebook and audio editions for all our authors. There will also be submission guidelines and more about the company added to the site.

Blue Forge Records will see two to four new albums in June – including two new Blue Village soundtracks. We’ll also be hiring an Artist Director for Blue Forge Records and changing our digital music platform partner. That may sound boring or like just a bunch of paper shuffling but it isn’t. If negotiated properly, a new digital partner could quadruple division revenue.

Blue Forge Films will hold another online premiere at [] BlueFlix Cinema on June 27. This premiere is for The Laurels, a feature film drama created by Blue Forge Films way back in 2015. What if a famous author invited you to join their writer’s group? And week after week, you and six other writers show up... but where’s the celebrity? Secrets start to unravel in this early Blue Forge work that is definitely worth revisiting. Join us :) Furthermore, the Blue Village acting troupe will be receiving the script for their fourth film. Congratulations, Blue Village!

Additionally in June, the DiMarco family, in service to the company, will be installing fencing along the property line; hauling in and compacting ten cubic yards of fill dirt for the Purple Door Studio site; continue to re-sheave the campus building that was damaged; pour the footers for the Yellow Door Studio; hang new walls in the Green Door Studio and widen the access path; disassemble and move the planters away from the Red Door Studio; finishing painting the Red Door Studio; remove the fallen maple in the side yard; trim the vine maples, and repair the Southwest corner roof truss.

We cannot accept service donations right now or have volunteers on campus to help with physical work but if you want to help out, please consider paying it forward and donating to the Create4U youth group where we continue to offer support. The best way to donate is through the direct link. []

As a last note: Blue Forge Gaming will not be officially reopening in June but staff and projects will be contacted and a plan for reopening will be made.

* * *

That’s all the news for this week. If you have questions or would like us to cover something next Monday, please don’t hesitate to write to us at or post a comment below.

And remember: Monday doesn’t have to be a day you dread. Monday can be the first day in the best creative week of your life.

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