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Complete Project Directory


Below please find comprehensive lists of our films, series and shows. Can't find a specific project? Contact us.

Premium Films

Premium films available as online rentals, on dvd and as digital downloads at BlueFlix.

A Novel Approach to Writing

Angel of Aberdeen

Blackwood Film Anthology

Book & Key

Dogs of War

Epic Washington*

Forge Flashpoint Film Festival

From the Debris

Ghost Noir

Hills Like Elephants

Horses Remember

Jared's House**

The Lincoln Choices

Lucky #13 Film Anthology

Macbeth the Musical Parody*

Midnight Film Anthology

My Wyvern Heart

One Room Film Festival

Pages of a Book

Perspective Film Festival


Social Box

Somewhere Today*

Sound & Silence

St. August Chapel Film Anthology

Take 8 Film Festival

Take 8 Film Festival Forest

Take 8 Film Festival White Room

The 50k Marathon

The Laurels

The Space Between Us

The Trees Have Names*

Things that Affect the Human Race

Those Who Remain


Whalesong in My Latte

Wonderland Film Anthology

*Director's Cut

**Writer's Cut

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Animals & Us

Billie and the Beat Drops

Bro and Sis are Gaming: Baba is You

Bro and Sis are Gaming: Deltarune

Bro and Sis are Gaming: Zuma’s Revenge


Fishlog FPS: Apex Legends

Ghost Sniffers, Inc.

Hey, Peeps!

Knowledge Drop

Madam Kitty and the Angry Warlock

Rapid Reviews

Seriously Cereal

Sis Plays Smash

The Road to Safety

The T.E.A.: Truth and Education with Attitude

The Timeline Shifter: Ghost Gang

The Timeline Shifter: Space Marines

The Timeline Shifter: Temporal Outlaws

The Traveling Texan

The Trees Have Names

Things that Affect the Human Race

Those Who Remain


Whiskey Jones and the Illuminauts

Wonderland Film Anthology


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Black & Blue

Caught on Film


Ghost Grrl

Grown Women Talking

I Am Dax

Inside Club Rook

Jeremy Lehtonen on Film

Joyful Heart Praise

Legally Altered

Live Stories!

Lordes House

Mom on Mom

Questions For Humanity

Rock Paper Knife

Somewhere Today

Sound Crossing

Teatro di Freak Season 1

Teatro di Freak Season 2

Two Chicks and a Frog Season 1

Two Chicks and a Frog Season 2

Free Films on Blue Forge Films

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After Our End
Always Kiss Me Goodnight
Any Thursday Night
App For That
Beneath the Earth
Bird, Tea Cup, Pocket Watch, Stone
Caroline: Version 1
Caroline: Version 2
Caught On Film
Daughter of the Trees
Do You Take VISA?
(Don’t) Grow Where You’re Planted

Heart & Soul
Hidden From Within
Lifeboat 715
Mo Dheirfiur
On the Wind’s Breath 
Only Just a Dream
Out of the Woods
PSL 411
Return of the Light
Salt & Trick
Stage Three
The Call

The Game of Death
The Hike
The Necklace

Waking Up
What They See
Who You Gonna Call?
Within the Study

Films & Shows in Progress

Listed in expected order of release.

In Post-Production

Speak: Heartwood Haven

A1C: Agents 1st Class

Vindicta: Director's Cut

The Unspoken

Black Bishop Red Queen

Destination Unknown

Wings & Wheels

The Ones Who Jump***

An Anarchy of Angels***

In Production

The Last Druid

The Niobe Strain


​Park Dead****

In Pre-Production:

City of Keys***

***Now part of Blue Village.

****Now with another studio.

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