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Since 2016, the Create4U youth group has been serving creative children and young adults with an inclusive, welcoming and supportive introduction to the film and television industry. Together, members of all abilities and from all walks of life, write, develop, perform, film and edit both campy web series and serious short films. With support from the Washington Arts Commission, the National Endowment for the Arts, Next for Autism, and Walmart, as well as from viewers like you, Create4U is stronger than ever.

While Create4U began as a club for differently-abled young adults and young adults with autism, it became a save haven for all people who felt marginalized due to race, economics, sexuality, gender, disability or size. Today, Create4U is moderated by mother and son Jennifer and Maxwell DiMarco (who both live with autism) and the club welcomes all new members from ages five to twenty-five. After twenty-five, Create4U members are given a free year's membership to Blue Village, the Blue Forge Films acting troupe.

Beyond the Creative

By opening the club to allies who may not live with autism but who understand what it feels like to be marginalized and stereotyped, Create4U offers a community that mirrors the boarder world while still maintaining a safe space for all young people. Our focus will always be on the arts but Create4U also offers quality social time, hot meals, and a one-acre campus in Port Orchard, Washington, with basketball, soccer, archery, gardening and nature walks. Job training in the arts industry, nutrition and life skills coaching, and even artist-in-residence housing is all available through Create4U's parent company, Blue Forge Group (Blue Legacy EIN 83-4307421).

Our Films, Shows and Games

Create4U members were selected for leads and supporting roles in the short films Jared's House, My Wyvern Heart and the award-winning Trade, all available now on BlueFlix. But those polished productions weren't entirely created and crewed by Create4U members. For campy and epic adventures made entirely by members, enjoy Temporal Outlaws, Ghost Gang, and the acclaimed Space Marines which is heading into its third season and even has its own trading card game. Episodes in these rollicksome series were never written until the day they were filmed because we never knew what members would be with us! It was an incredible challenge but one we welcomed. Watch all these series on Blue Forge Family.

Join Us

Create4U is much more than just casting help for young actors and a cool social experience. Year-round, Create4U members interested in careers in film, television, publishing, game design, and music, receive coaching and mentorship from working artisans they identify with from all of Blue Forge Group's divisions. 

Are you a creative individual with autism looking for a friendly, safe community experience? Want to talk one-on-one about your career in the arts? Are you a BIPOC or LGBTQIA+ author, actor, filmmaker, or game designer who feels pushed aside or ignored by mainstream media? Join us by reaching out with the form below. 

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